Weekly Events

 Weekly Schedule of Events



8:30AM   Ministers' Meeting (Quarterly, 4th)
9:30AM   Sunday School
9:30AM   New Member Orientation
11:00AM  Morning Worship Service

  • The Lord's Supper  (1st Sundays)
  • Baptism  (3rd Sundays)


6:30PM Instruments of Praise Dance
7:00PM Outreach Ministry (2nd)
7:00PM Youth Choir Rehearsal
7:00PM Deacons/Board of Directors (1st)
7:00PM Deaconess & Minister's Wives (1st)
7:00PM Young Adult Ministry (4th)


6;00PM Mercy Team (4th)
6:00pm Youth Department Meeting (2nd & 4th)
6:00PM Mime Practice (1st, 3rd, & 5th)
6:30PM Drill Team Practice (2nd & 4th)
7:00PM  Bible Study
7:30PM  Male Chorus Rehearsal


6:30PM  Mid-Week Worship Service
7:30PM  Sunday School Teachers Meeting
7:30PM  Mass Choir Rehearsal
7:30PM  Youth Bible Study
7:30PM  Nurse's Guild (4th)

THURSDAY:   Church Is Closed

FRIDAY:    Church Is Closed


10:30AM  Youth Ushers (3rd)
11:30AM  Senior Ushers (3rd)
11:00AM  Senior Mission (2nd)